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Our Story


It all started with a question posed to me during an ordinary lesson about my personal beliefs and values. My immediate response was the importance of education, and that everyone deserves the right to an equal education. I was shocked to find that so many underprivileged children in Vietnam could not afford to go to school and I knew I wanted to do something. 

My first project to raise money and awareness was a Fun Run for Education which my whole school community participated in. Upon seeing the success of the Fun Run, I was excited to see that I was able to make a difference and I knew this was the beginning of my journey.

I had always loved making jewelry with my mother and grandmother. Knowing I could combine my love for making jewelry and being able to continue to raise money seemed like a dream come true. 


I spent countless days coming up with unique designs; knowing that I was helping to provide an education for underprivileged children a fire had been lit inside me and my first collection encompassed this feeling. My pieces allowed the wearer to feel empowered, there was a mix of big bold statement pieces along with smaller intricate pieces which also acquired attention. We had our first stall at a Holiday Bazaar and I haven't looked back since.


While I'm at school, I have my amazing family hand-making each piece helping me to complete orders, while my weekends are spent working on new designs, making more pieces and finding inspiration from everything around me. 


I am committed to raising funds and awareness for children's education in Vietnam and just as important is creating a product which allows the wearer to feel beautiful, to feel unique and ready to make a stand in their world.


A portion of every sale goes towards La San Tan Hung Charity School which provides free education for underprivileged children. So from myself and on behalf of all the children who are now able to get an education - a big, big thank you. 

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Our Story




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Back in 2019, I was lucky enough to have met the students from La San Tan Hung Charity school and as happy as I was that they were able to get an education, it still saddened me to hear their stories. One thing which I continued to hear was their mothers worked hard all day and were up all night desperately trying to make a life for their children. They all worked hard to make ends meet but it was never enough.


Hearing this, I realized I can help beyond providing scholarships and funding. As Jewels by Jade M continues to grow, my dream for the future is to be able to provide training and employment to mothers and women of

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for the day.

             Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

ethnic minorities and rural Vietnam. We want to provide life-changing job opportunities to women and mothers who previously couldn't afford to send their children to school. We want to empower these women, to give them an opportunity to transform their own lives.





20% of profits to go towards Education for Disadvantaged Children in Vietnam

Minimum spend 500,000 VND
2-4 Days Shipping

Contact us for rates if ordering less than 500,000 VND



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